Yarra Valley

Encompassing everything from architectural construction to landscaping, this imagined estate seamlessly blends with the beauty of the Yarra Valley.

Project Type

New Build


Yarra Valley, VIC


JAM Architects

Size of Site

120 acres

Size of Home


The home flows with the tranquillity that comes from the earthy tones of rammed earth walls and timber roof and floor. Sliding doors open to seamlessly connect the interior with its surrounds and bathe the home in natural light.

This stunning project goes beyond modern design by offering a complete off-grid living experience. 

Mount Eliza

Designed by Jam Architects, this home represents our absolute benchmark. In faithful collaboration with the architect, each and every detail was considered and delivered to the highest standard.

Lower Plenty 

A direct collaboration between the owners, Vigor and Peter Mills, every aspect of this project was completed in consideration of the natural environment.