Why Vigor?

Every aspect of your architectural home is delivered by independent,
highly-skilled professionals and managed by our boutique team.


Design & detail-driven

We pride ourselves on understanding and respecting the architect’s design intent. Working purely on bespoke homes, we get that even the tiniest detail is intentional and impactful on the overall project. We know to leave the design to the professionals and stick to what we do best – delivering well-considered bespoke homes. Every build involves an intensive document review to ensure we understand what the architect and owner are trying to achieve. We also look to go the extra mile to make complex details work, but always with the client’s budget front of mind.


Committed collaborators

We prioritise collaboration with stakeholders and put in the hard yards to ensure everyone’s on the same page. We respect the central role of the architect, and firmly believe in their involvement throughout project delivery so that the importance of every detail can be realised throughout construction. Clear communication and collaboration are important to us and sets us up to succeed from the get-go.


Cost-effective delivery

Over the last two decades, we’ve developed seamless efficiencies to keep our overheads to a minimum. We always make sure to resource people who are passionate about good design and the bottom line. We invest in excellent project management software, create clear subcontracts that keep our contractors on point, and always ensure our projects are cashflow positive. We also appoint a single point of contact from initial pricing to final handover, to catch inefficiencies before they become costly mistakes.


Clear vision

As ABIC (Australian Building Industry Contracts) specialists, our entire business is centered around building architect-designed homes. Holding this clear and passion-driven niche empowers our team to maintain a clear, shared vision across each project. We’re constantly reviewing our processes to improve delivery and ESD procedures and seek regular feedback from our architects to ensure all parties are running efficiently.